24 Dogs Who Are Digging Very Important Holes

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These dogs have an important job to do, and that job is to get as deep into the ground as fast as they can. Why? We have no idea, but at least they seem to be enjoying themselves.

1. This dog can't remember where that dang bone is!

2.  This dog knows that her hole is a superlative hole.

3. This dog refuses to answer further questions without a lawyer present.

4. This dog wants you to know that the new puppy fell in that hole completely by accident.

5. This dog is digging out a new playmate!

6. This dog demands justice.

7. This dog is practicing for the big leagues.

giphy embed

8. This dog was having fun until the humans came along and ruined everything.

9. This dog doesn't care how she looks as long as she can get her paws dirty.

10. It's possible that this dog is just a jerk.

11. This dog is bringing out the big guns.

12. This dog is so hecking pleased with his hole!

13. This mama dog had basically the best reason ever for digging a hole.

14. This dog has realized that visiting her relatives in China is going to be harder that she thought.

15. This dog is trying to distract you while her partner in crime does the dirty work.

16. This dog appears to be building an underground bunker.

17. This dog is very disappointed.

18. This dog is ... genuinely helpful ...????

19. This 2.5-legged dog isn't going to let anything get in the way of digging holes!

20. This dog is just getting started.

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21. This dog has a lot of work to do before the cover of nightfall.

22. This dog apparently has nails made of titanium.

23. This dog feels like a dingus for not moving his bone before the snow plow came through.

24. This dog made a heart-shaped hole to tell you how much he "digs" you.

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