Woman Loses Internet & Complains Using Cat Photos. It Worked!

What do you do when you're exasperated with a company's customer service, to the point where you fire up Facebook to complain to your friends? You take photos of your cats, of course.


That's what Australian resident Laura Carrie did. Instead of berating Telstra, a telecommunications company based in the country, for leaving her sans Internet for two weeks, Carrie enlisted her two feline friends to get the company's attention. She decided to snap a photo of her cat Kittie Smalls and post it on Telstra's Facebook wall. In her May 30 post, Carrie claimed that it had been five days since the company told her that the internet would be connected — even though she tried to call the company to no avail.

"Now I can't watch Netflix so I have to make my own fun," Carrie wrote. "So I thought I'd reconnect with my cat, Kittie Smalls. Seeing as this night wouldn't have been possible without YOU I thought I'd share some moments with you."

Carrie persisted with the photos, updating her Facebook friends and the company on how she still hadn't been reconnected. The photos are infused with a healthy and refreshing dose of humor. Without Netflix or cable television, Carrie and her cats played poker, worked on their yoga and planned a party.

When the problem still wasn't fixed, Carrie brought in her other cat, named The Flee, to shame Telstra with her powerful kitty side-eye. Telstra had replied to Carrie's post, and was eventually able to restore the service. After Carrie's story made headlines, the Internet provider sent a gift addressed to Kittie Smalls.

Carrie could have easily taken to the interwebs to tear Telstra a new one. She instead made a frustrating situation comical, while reconnecting with her cats along the way. The Internet can always use more cat photos, so the next time you're feeling disgruntled with a company, ask your pets to help you out.