Can You Use Human Conditioner on Dog?

Dogs can benefit greatly from conditioner being used after a bath. Conditioners can seal the hair shafts of the fur, reducing moisture loss and the itching that comes with it. They also can benefit from their coats becoming silky and easier to groom. However, all conditioners are not created equal. Conditioners specifically developed for dogs are best for keeping canine coats well hydrated, healthy and smelling good.

Dog wash, puppy gets a bath
Dog standing in bathtub with bubbles.
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Human Formulations vs. Canine Formulations

The normal pH level of a human scalp ranges from 5.2 to 6.2. By contrast, the pH level of canine skin ranges from 5.5 to 7.5, depending on the dog's breeds, size and other factors. Products designed for human use may be too harsh for canine skin or use fragrances that cause skin irritation, causing the dog discomfort when they are used. Unlike conditioners formulated for dogs, conditioners formulated for humans may contain excessive oils that are unhealthy for a dog's coat and skin. Using a conditioner formulated for humans on your dog in an emergency won't hurt your dog, but he will thank you if you stick to using a product developed specifically for dogs.