This Dog Has Been Trained To Do A Common Thing Silently

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Meet Dudley, a border collie and Australian shepherd mix.

Dudley is a supreme doggo that has seized the day and decided to learn a new skill while living on a college campus because that's what college is for! Good job, boy.


Dudley's owner, Brian Gertler, 24, works as a resident director at Greenville University where he lives with his wife and two dogs inside a freshman dormitory. Students are not allowed to have pets in the dorms but Gertler has permission to keep Dudley which is great because residents love having a dog around.


Gertler explains, " It's a good icebreaker for a lot of these students. Sometimes they feel more comfortable talking to the dogs than talking to me." This, of course, makes perfect sense as dogs have proven their superiority to humans eons ago.

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The Greenville University campus comes with large, grassy fields where Gertler would run and play with Dudley, freely. Once the human/canine duo returned home to the dorms, however, Dudley's excited barking would wake up the neighboring students. Whoops.


Fortunately, Gertler noticed that when Dudley was giving it his all in a game of fetch, he would often be out of breath, resulting in a quieter bark. The doggo owner taught his pet that this hushed bark is called "speaking". Now when the two wish to play inside, Gertler simply tells Dudley to "speak", allowing the pup to bark all he wants without waking up his fellow students. College: The place where new life skills are available for all.


Check out the adorable video below!

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