Episode 12: Here's What Your Pet Is Doing When You're Not Around

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Pets are the absolute best, right? They snuggle in during a Netflix sesh and keep us entertained when there is no WiFi. They're saints, basically.

But sometimes their awesomeness can be a little bit much like, say, at 5 a.m. on a Saturday when all you want is to sleep off the work week, but our pets are all, "Dude, wake up! I mean ... I don't know why. Just wake up."


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It's challenging, but our hosts Allegra Ringo (veteran pet-haver) and Renee Colvert (veteran pet-wanter) are so here for you. They know why your cat wakes you up so early, and how you can alter the behavior.

If you're wondering how to motivate a lazy dog in the afternoon, then Allegra and Renee have answers. No really — like answers are basically falling out of their fashionable pockets and falling on the floor where the dog will eat them. But don't let your pup eat too many at once because we have new information about how many calories that good boy (or girl) should be eating, and where those calories should be coming from.


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We also reveal secrets like why cats sleep in the sink when they're afraid of water, and which cocktails are safe for dogs (spoiler: none).


This is the best podcast about pets ever, and it will change your life! (maybe.) So listen at full volume and RAGE!!!

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