Instructions for a Whisper Power Filter

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A power filter can help simplify aquarium maintenance.

Aquariums are a great way to incorporate a bit of marine life into your home or office decor. They do require a fair amount of regular maintenance and attention. The Whisper Power Filter, manufactured by Tetra, incorporates the functioning of a mechanical filter, a biological filter and a chemical filter into one small mechanism that operates in silence. It eliminates the need for regular spot cleaning and installs in just a few steps.


Step 1

Snap the filter cartridge into the Whisper unit. Ensure that the foam grid faces the front of the filter.

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Step 2

Suspend the filter over the inside of the tank while pushing the suction cup firmly against the glass to ensure a good seal.


Step 3

Arrange the power cord so that it rests over the wall of the tank.

Step 4

Add gravel up to an inch below the bottom of the filter. Fill the tank with water to within an inch of where the filter lip rests.

Step 5

Plug the unit into a power outlet and turn it on.



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