Instructions for the Top Fin Powerhead

By Tom Becker

A dirty fish tank is not only disgusting, it can also be deadly for your fish. Keeping your tank's water circulated and filtered is a necessary and never-ending process which can be made easier with motorized circulation and filtration systems. The Top Fin Powerhead is essentially a small, powerful pump designed for use with an under gravel filter or to circulate water on its own. A Top Fin Powerhead can be set up for either purpose in a few steps.


Circulator Instructions

Step 1

Lift the lid off the top of the fish tank.

Step 2

Set the Top Fin Powerhead on the edge of the tank so the power cord side hangs on the outside of the tank. The Powerhead will circulate water in the direction it is pointed, so make sure it is pointed in the desired direction.

Step 3

Close the fish tank lid.

Step 4

Plug the Powerhead's power cord into a power outlet.

Step 5

Adjust the position of the Powerhead to another position on the tank's edge if the water is not circulating in the desired direction.

Filter Instructions

Step 6

Lift the lid of a fish tank.

Step 7

Disconnect any tubes attached to the top of an under gravel filter tube and remove the top cap.

Step 8

Insert the intake end at the bottom of a Top Fin Powerhead into the top of the under gravel filter tube.

Step 9

Hook the power cord side of the Powerhead over the outside of the tank's edge nearest the filter tube.

Step 10

Close the tank lid.

Step 11

Insert the Powerhead's power cord into a power outlet.