18 Cute Pet Butts You Must See Before Dying

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You know who has the cutest butts? Pets. Pets have the cutest butts.

1. Some people don't like butts and that is weird.

2. When you're really that into cat butts.

3. I just noticed how far ferret bums are from their heads.



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4. Sleepy bunny buns.

5. Lil' puppy fluff butt.

6. Corgi butts are my favorite butts.

I have a butt bias.


7. Fancy sleepy kitty pineapple butt.

8. Awwww. Who wouldn't love this cat butt?

9. Goals.

10. Wait. What am I looking at here?

11. Under water swimmy butt.

12. Grade A tushy floofs.

13. Hey there's a squirrel on your butt.

14. Can't get enough of those bunny bums!

15. "Asked groomer to shave a heart on my dogs butt... what I expected vs what I got 🤣"

16. Twisty piggy tail!

17. Look at this tiny little rattie tushy.

18. And this, this is some sassy cat ass.

Meow! (also worth pointing out that she looks like she's wearing little cat Uggs.)


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