17 Dogs Enjoying Their Interspecies Friendships

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It's often said a dog is man's best friend, but let's not forget about chickens, turtles, tortoises, sea lions, deer, cats, kittens, chicks, and rats too! Lots of friendship to go around!

1. When your pals invade your personal space.

2. This turtle found an excellent perch.

3. Nowhere cozier than on a dog's back.

4. "Boop? Don't mind if we do."

5. When you're skeptical about your new friend.

6. Another boop opportunity!

7. This little piggy took a nap with a Lab.

8. A little picnic with friends.

9. It's not easy when you don't quite speak the same language.

10. "Pinned ya!"

11. Jail ain't so bad when you're with your bestie.

12. Meeting a lamb for the first time is always special!

13. "Oh, hello, sea pup!"

14. "I promise to take care of you always, little chick."

15. Sometimes you just wanna lounge with your bestie.

16. Every small needs a big.

17. The most important friendship of all!


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