16 Purr-fect Pictures of Gray Cats

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There's something elegant and a little mysterious about cats with gray fur that makes us want to gaze at them forever. With that in mind, please enjoy this collection of sweet, gray-furred babies (or "graybies," if you will).

1. "In his favourite place."

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2. A little raincloud right there on the kitchen floor.

3. "Sir Jupiter says 'I'm the king of this couch'"

4. OK, we said cats, but will you allow us one vampire bunny?

5. "He’s royal and knows it."

6. "My big pile of dust."

7. Gray beans!

8. TFW the human starts to clean up the hair you spent days laboriously spreading around the house.

9. Hello, indeed!

10. "Blueberry getting ready to pounce."

11. "Wilbur helping me pay bills."

12. A potentially very spiky cushion.

13. Blep!

14. "Here's a color picture of our cat, Ilford."

15. So much fluff!

16. "It’s been freezing where we live so we have been using the underfloor heating lately, the cat is in absolute heaven as you can see."


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