13 Pets Who Are Here To Encourage You

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When you have a bad day or just need a little extra push to make a goal, there is nothing that can help like cuddles from your BFF (best fur friend), aka your pet.


But if you don't have a real live, furry, cuddly pet handy, here are 13 internet pets who are here to encourage you in every possible situation.

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1. When you need a life coach to talk you through the tough moments.

2. When you feel like you need a personal assistant to keep things running smoothly.

3. When you need a wingman.

4. When you need a cheerleader to motivate you to keep at it.

5. When you need a new life mantra.

6. When you need a nutritionist who actually gets you.

7. When you feel unattractive and need a reminder that you are a beautiful flower.

8. When you know what you really need is some tough love.

9. When you messed up big, you can’t fix it, and you’re not sure how to go on.

10. When you need a personal trainer, minus all the terrible yelling and burpees and judgy comments.

11. When you actually DO need the judgy comments to get going.

12. When you get real with yourself and realize you need a tutor to keep you on track.

13. When you just need a reminder that you’re actually the greatest (because you are, and this puppy knows it).

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