DIY Dog Wheelchair

If your beloved old Fido needs a little help getting around, but you can't afford an expensive dog wheelchair, don't give up on him just yet! You can create your own durable, reliable, and inexpensive dog wheelchair at home for under twenty dollars. Whether your dog is big, small, or still growing, you can use adjustable, durable PVC piping to create a helpful wheelchair that is just the right fit.


Step 1

Determine what length of PVC you will need by measuring the height, width, and length of your dog. Keep in mind that your dog must be able to comfortably reach the ground with his usable legs in order to pull himself along. Also, account for the wheels you will attach to the pipe.

Step 2

Cut four carefully measured pieces of PVC piping, according to the height of your dog. Additionally, cut two measured pieces of PVC, according to your dog's width.

Step 3

Measure your fabric according to the width and length of your dog. You'll want to leave some slack so your dog can comfortably rest in the material, as though it was a sling. Fold the material over both sides of the PVC.

Step 4

Sew the fabric, creating the hole for the PVC to go through and slide the piping through. Next join all of the PVC pieces together with the PVC glue. Use the elbows as the frame and the T sections for the pieces that go across, holding each side together.

Step 5

Add the wheels to the bottom of your wheelchair.

Step 6

Provide your pet with additional comfort and support. Cut pieces of memory foam with your box cutter, gluing them around the inside of the wheelchair.