How To Tie A Bandana On A Dog In 4 Adorable Ways

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Have you ever wondered just how to tie dog bandanas? Here's how you can get your dog stylin' with these super easy bandana tricks!


The point of a dog bandana is to make your dog look cute but it can also be functional. Groomers often use them almost like a gift wrap when sending a newly-groomed dog home. Sometimes bandanas are used by rescue organizations when an adoptable pooch needs to look more "approachable." A pup sporting a bandana is more accessible. Sometimes bandanas can be used to hold calming pheromone spray.

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There is more than one way to tie a bandana on your pooch, and there are so many patterns that the standard red, black, or blue bandana sometimes doesn't make the cut.

Does the bandana point go in the front, or the back? How about a pink bandana for the little girl dog in your life? Or tie-dye for that hippie golden retriever who loves people and wants to look cool while hanging out with the humans.


How does that bow tie version stay on, anyway?

Remember that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and so do bandanas! Get the right bandana size for your dog's neck. There are many possibilities in style, purpose and how to tie dog bandanas. Here we will focus on four ways. So, let's get started and tie one on!


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1. The cowboy knot

Step 1: Fold your bandana in half, to create a triangle.


Step 2: Tie bandana loosely around doggo's neck, leaving the point of triangle at the front of the dog's neck, as shown in the top photo.

2. Wear it like a cape

Follow instructions for the cowboy knot, then simply switch the position of the triangle to your pup's back, so she's wearing it like a cape. Stylin'!


3. The basic roll tie

Step 1: Fold bandana in half, forming a triangle.


Step 2: Roll bandana, starting with point of triangle. Roll tight for a thinner tie, or looser for a more relaxed look.


Step 3: Tie loosely around your dog's neck, creating a chic double knot. You can have your pup rock the style to the side, or to the front!

If you want to try matching your dog, use two or more bandanas tied together to make a belt for your jeans using the basic roll tie!


4. The bow tie dog bandana

This one is just a tad trickier!

Step 1: Fold two points of the bandana to meet at the center.

Step 2: Fold in edges to meet at center.

Step 3: Fold in edges again

Step 3: Begin to tie a loose knot (don't tighten yet!) by looping one end of the bandana around the other. Keep one end longer than the other.

Step 4: Loop larger end over opposite side of bandana (the side you haven't started the knot on).

Step 5: Begin creating knot on the other side of the bandana.

Step 6: Before securing knot, weave leash underneath knot. Then tie tight and flip over to adjust the bow. Pro tip: Be sure to see if you need to loosen the length of your dog's collar!

Step 7: Ooh and ahh at your dog's rad new look!

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Now, strike a pose with your favorite pooch, or a whole pack of them, and show off your ability to tie dog bandana!

Don't forget to take a photo of your handiwork, and keep it to look back on the memories, or as reminder of how cute your canine pal looks sporting a cowboy look, a cape, or a rolled or bow tie.



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