Treat Your Pet

Do you have a new pup in training? An old dog learning new tricks? Or simply the best tail-wagging walking partner around? No matter what stage of pet parenthood you’re in, understanding the when and how of using treats as reinforcement is key. That’s why, together with Blue Buffalo, we’ve gathered all the expert-backed information you need to treat your pet.

dog in stroller sticks out tongue
7 Dogs That Definitely Deserve a Treat Right Now
Golden retriever puppy getting a treat during puppy training
The Do's and Don’ts of Using Treats as Positive Reinforcement When Training
Happy woman giving treat to white dog in sunny park
To Treat or Not To Treat? How Experts Navigate Pet Snacking
Beautiful Tricolor Puppy Of English Beagle Sitting On Green Grass. Smiling Dog
How to Leash Train Your Dog
Dog on a Beach sitting
How to Train a Dog to Stay
Dog cookies with a training pouch and clicker.  Top view.
What Is Positive Reinforcement Training?
Young woman playing with a puppy.
How to Train a Dog to Greet Politely

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