Learn About Our Readers

We surveyed over 3000 Cuteness readers to find out their thoughts on common pet-related questions. As we reemphasize our commitment to ethical pet practices, it was important to us to find out what our readers thought as well. Here’s what we found out:: 

Image of survey question: do you currently own a pet
87% of Cuteness readers currently have or foster one or more pets.
Survey results for what type of pet do you own
Most Cuteness readers are dog (66%) and cat (54%) parents, though some are parents to fish (12%), birds (11%) and other animals (15%).
Survey results for do you have or want pet insurance
Pet insurance isn't top of mind. Most Cuteness readers do not currently have pet insurance (71%) or are unsure about pet insurance (11%).
Survey results for when looking for a new pet
84% of Cuteness readers agree that adopting or looking for qualified, ethical breeders is the best way to look for a new pet.
Survey results for buying pet toys
Cuteness readers love to spoil their pets with their favorite toys (61%), love a bargain (35%), and listen to expert recommendations before making toy purchases (26%).