Bulldog & Pomeranian’s Engagement Photos Will Have You Wishing For A Wedding Invite

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We can all agree that engagement photos can sometimes be a little "over the top." When you see them, you can hear yourself chuckling, "Did they fall asleep while standing in that water fountain; what's happened here?" But every now and again there will be an engagement photo that'll melt your heart, and have you proclaiming to strangers "true love is real!"


That's exactly what happened when we got ahold of Sebastian and Luna's engagement photos. Sure, Sebastian happens to be a French bulldog, and Luna, a pomeranian, but their love is real and perfect — as far as we're concerned.

Video of the Day

These two love pups are based in Washington D.C. and, not surprisingly, they have a hearty Instagram following. D.C. of course, is home to the National Cherry Blossom Festival and this adorable couple took full advantage of the romanic background.

We know. We can't stand it either. It's just too cute! That bowtie? We're dying. Obviously, the cheery blossoms are beautiful too, but really, who's looking at that?


According to their Instagram, the two have been engaged since June of 2016. Their owner, Emily Abril, who is also their photographer said, "Luna adores Sebastian completely even when he sometimes doesn't return the affection." She adds that Sebastian is however, "very protective of Lune, he'll push other dogs out of her way if they get to close to her."

Little Luna is a free spirit who keeps Sebastian on his toes.

But she always comes back.


If that's not grounds for #relationshipgoals, we're not sure what is. No word yet on exactly when their "wedding" will be, or what the theme is, but one thing's for certain, the photos will be be adorable! Congratulations to the happy couple.

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