15 Cats Who Are Totally Humoring You

Do you ever get the feeling your cat is just humoring you? Yeah, me neither.

1. "Gee wiz. Who knew Taco Cat spelled backwards is Taco Cat."

Cat dressed up like taco
credit: nicejerk

2. "Oh boy."

Cat not impressed by pancake that looks like cat
credit: bhageera

3. "Such fun."

Cat not having fun on a bike ride with dog
credit: imgur.com

4. "This is not weird at all."

Cat dressed up
credit: JollyHollyday

5. "No, of course you should film me sitting in a box."

6. "Look at that. I'm a unicat."

"That's fun."

7. "Kittens are a joy."

Cat with kitten
credit: fotostrana.ru

8. "I love kids."

Cat on a girl's head
credit: Quarterindie

9. "You look totally cool, dude."

Guy and his cat prom date
credit: caroline12006

10. "Wheee."

Old time picture of a girl with a cat
credit: gettyimages

11. "It's sure fun to dress up and take pictures."

Cat not happy wearing costume
credit: jpisul89

12. "This is a fun game."

Sleeping cat with bracelets on him
credit: annakthor

13. "Thank you. I always wanted to wear your underwear."

Cat wearing panties
credit: rizwan35

14. "Yes, please preserve this moment forever."

Cat not into getting his picture taken
credit: atarinecho

15. "No, I don't want any of your ice cream. Please eat it all yourself. I insist."

Cat wanting something
credit: miliarose