15 Cats Who Are Totally Humoring You

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Do you ever get the feeling your cat is just humoring you? Yeah, me neither.

1. "Gee wiz. Who knew Taco Cat spelled backwards is Taco Cat?"

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2. "Oh boy."

3. "Such fun."

4. "This is not weird at all."

5. "No, of course you should film me sitting in a box."

6. "Look at that. I'm a unicat."

"That's fun."


7. "Get a kitten they said. It'll be fun, they said."

8. "I love kids."

9. "You look totally cool, dude."

10. "Wheee."

11. "It's sure fun to dress up and take pictures."

12. "This is a fun game."

13. "Thank you. I always wanted to wear your underwear."

14. "Yes, please preserve this moment forever."

15. "No, I don't want any of your ice cream. Please eat it all yourself. I insist."