15 Cats Cuddling With Their Favorite Stuffed Animals

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Literally incapable of formulating complete thoughts after looking at these pictures. TOO CUTE!

1. "Does anyone else’s bebby have their own bebby 😫😫😫😫 my heart can’t take it."

2. "When my baby was a baby! That bunny is in rough condition now"

3. "We got her a purr pal. She snuggles it while she watches TV 😂"

4. "My maya had a giraffe from when she was born and this picture is not staged 😭"

5. "With her llama, in a paper bag no less. Can you even handle it?"

6. "Apollo has a best friend that he cuddles daily."

7. "We had this lookalike made just for her" and they are inseparable.

8. "He went to the vet so I put his stuffed cow in there with him (named it Sylvie) and caught him hugging it while waiting on the doctor to come in 🥺😭"

9. "My son and his favorite stuffie"

10. "U kan lewk bit u cant toucch"

11. "Otter is his best bud"

12. "When your fur pal puts a literal twist on the term 'octopuss'"

13. "My boy and his shark💗. So cute!"

14. "I got a matching stuffed animal for my cat for Christmas 😻😻😻"

15. Judges: "We'll allow it!" 🤷 🤷 🤷


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