17 Hilarious Things Every Pet Does When You Leave The House

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Everyone needs some alone time, even pets. Here's what your pet is definitely (probably? Maybe?) looking forward to when you leave the house.

1. Practicing their yoga in peace.

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2. Getting their game on.

3. Improvising acrobatics.

4. Finally controlling the Netflix queue.

5. Proving they know their way around the kitchen.

6. Taking a break from their fake feuds.

7. Having some friends over.

8. Drinking wine without pants on.

9. Playing with the toys they really care about.

10. Catching up on email.

11. Going for a drive.

12. Getting in a good workout.

13. Putting their emotions into song.

14. Make that "starting a band."

15. Jumping on the bed.

16. Eating without fear of judgment.

17. Basically just relaxing like it's an Olympic sport.