21 Dogs Who Brought Back Bizarre Things While Playing Fetch

You're not still playing fetch with sticks, are you? Sticks are so last year. These dogs are bringing their owners much more interesting things.

1. Maybe she's got some Irish Setter in her.

Dog holding a large potato
credit: Reddit

2. "Now will you play with me?"

Dog holding a PlayStation controller.
credit: Reddit

3. "Not sure if is snake or stick, but I caught it."

Dog holding a cucumber.
credit: Bored Panda

4. Looks like we're having lobster tonight!

5. "Aww, come on, mom!"

Dog carrying a large leg formerly attached to a hoofed animal.
credit: Reddit

6. This dog eschews childish games for a diplomatic gesture of cross-species goodwill.

Dog presenting horse with a stick.
credit: Imgur

7. Close enough.

Puppy carrying a large leaf.
credit: Cheezburger

8. Finally, the source of that nasty dog breath is discovered.

Dog carrying an onion.
credit: Bored Panda

9. An ambitious attempt at re-tree-val.

Dog bite down on the trunk of a small potted tree.
credit: Instagram

10. Good boy, indeed!

Dog looking into the distance.
credit: Reddit

11. Oh good, a stick that bites back.

12. Mmmm, cement.

Two dogs near a swimming pool.
credit: Reddit

13. He made a friend!

A very small turtle.
credit: Bored Panda

14. Merry Christmas?

Dog wearing a Santa hat.
credit: Reddit

15. At least it's not used.

Dog carrying a wrapped condom.
credit: Bored Panda

16. You know what they say: one dog's trash ...

Dog fetching a brick out of the ocean.
credit: Bored Panda

17. "I brought you dis. Please take."

Dog looking up at camera.
credit: Reddit

18. More mystery potatoes.

Service dog with potatoes and bottles of medication.
credit: Tumblr

19. Anyone want a smooch?

Dog with Mr Potato Head lips in his mouth.
credit: Imgur

20. Congratulations on the new collection!

Dog carrying a medium-sized turtle.
credit: Reddit

21. Well, she is a reTREEver 😆

dog holding fresh turf
credit: Reddit

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