21 Dogs Who Brought Back Bizarre Things While Playing Fetch

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You're not still playing fetch with sticks, are you? Sticks are soooo last year. These dogs are bringing their owners much more interesting things.

1. Maybe she's got some Irish Setter in her.

2. "She couldn't find her toy so she brought me mine"

3. "Not sure if is snake or stick, but I caught it."

4. Looks like we're having lobster tonight!

5. "He wouldn't let us take it away from him. I think he knew we wouldn't let him keep it."

6. This dog eschews childish games for a diplomatic gesture of cross-species goodwill.

"Every time I take Titan to the park, instead of bringing sticks back to me he tries to use them to make friends."


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

7. Close enough.

8. "My dog brought an onion home."

Finally, the source of that nasty dog breath is discovered.


9. An ambitious attempt at re-tree-val.

10. "My dog is notorious for picking up garbage on our walks. The other day I was.. once again.. prying his jaws open to get garbage out of his mouth when I noticed it was a twenty dollar bill instead."

Good boy, indeed!


11. Oh good, a stick that bites back: "Dog brought me a gift this morning. A monitor lizard same size as her 😳"

(Don't worry, the lizard was rescued and released into a nearby stream.)



12. "My dog likes to bring me giant pieces of pool cement. None of it is from my own pool. And I have no idea where on earth he's been getting them from. He just brings them inside and sets them down. Sometimes he licks them. But mostly he just puts them down and looks expectantly at me. It's weird as hell."

Mmmm, cement.


13. "Threw my dog a ball and he brought me this lil guy instead."

He made a friend!


14. "My beagle brought me a wig once, and on Christmas Eve a Santa hat. I have no idea where either one came from."

Merry Christmas?


15. At least it's not used.

16. "This is first mate Sades. She dives for treasure. And always brings back ... rocks, the bigger the better."

You know what they say: one dog's trash ...



17. "My mums garden has pebbles as mulch, and the dog brings them in. But he's very insistent about giving them to people. He can't just bring them inside and leave them, he has to put them on a human. And if they fall off or get dropped, he'll pick them up and put them back on the human again."

I brought you dis. Please take.

18. "Today at therapy was really hard. I was sitting here crying, and generally being miserable, when I felt a nudge at my knee. I looked down to see that Zeus, my service dog, was doing his job… and brought me an empty pill bottle, the 'correct' pill bottle, a bottle of embossing powder, and two, TWO, potatoes."

Good boy delivers a good haul.

19. "My niece was playing with Mr. Potato head - my dog wanted to play fetch, so he brought me what he found."

Who wants a smooch?

20. "Didn't know we had turtles in our backyard until we got Louie - he brings one to the porch every few weeks"

Congratulations on the new collection!

21. Well, she is a reTREEver 😆T

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