21 Dogs Who Brought Back Bizarre Things While Playing Fetch

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You're not still playing fetch with sticks, are you? Sticks are so last year. These dogs are bringing their owners much more interesting things.

1. Maybe she's got some Irish Setter in her.

2. "Now will you play with me?"

3. "Not sure if is snake or stick, but I caught it."

4. Looks like we're having lobster tonight!

giphy embed

5. "Aww, come on, mom!"

6. This dog eschews childish games for a diplomatic gesture of cross-species goodwill.

7. Close enough.

8. Finally, the source of that nasty dog breath is discovered.

9. An ambitious attempt at re-tree-val.

10. Good boy, indeed!

11. Oh good, a stick that bites back.

12. Mmmm, cement.

13. He made a friend!

14. Merry Christmas?

15. At least it's not used.

16. You know what they say: one dog's trash ...

17. "I brought you dis. Please take."

18. More mystery potatoes.

19. Anyone want a smooch?

20. Congratulations on the new collection!

21. Well, she is a reTREEver 😆

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