17 Dogs Playing Piano to Brighten Your Week

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Beethoven who? Mozart what? Step aside, humans, it's all about dogs playing piano now.

1. "I don't wanna play 'Who Let The Dogs Out.'"

2. "Can someone turn my note pages?"

3. Time to tickle the ivories a bit.

4. And for my next trick...

5. "I don't need a score, I can play by memory."

6. "Can someone get me my piano bench, please?"

7. "Finally, a piano small enough for me."

8. "Hmm, I'm not sure about this note."

9. It's all about concentration.

10. "Can you, like, not stare at me?"

11. "Is today's lesson over yet?"

12. "Am I doing this right?"

13. Practice makes perfect.

14. "Let's play Chopsticks!"

15. "Look, I only play on Steinways, ok?"

16. "Feeling the music."

17. "Sorry, wrong note."


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