French President's Pup, Nemo, Just Peed In A Fireplace During A Meeting Because Dogs

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When you're the president of a country, you get to do things like take your dog to work if you want to. That's what French president Emmanuel Macron did over the weekend.


He brought his 2-year-old Labrador retriever-griffon mix, Nemo, along for some meetings in Élysée Palace. Macron adopted Nemo from a shelter back in August and it looks like potty training might still be on the pair's to-do list. During the meeting, Nemo raised a leg and peed right in the antique fireplace.

Luckily, Macron and everyone in attendance had a great attitude about the, um, accident?

When Macron's aide Julien Denormandie, asked, “Does that happen often?” the president said it does not. “You have sparked a totally unusual behavior in my dog," he said.

Whether this is totally usual or a fluke, we love you, Nemo. You are a national (okay, international) hero.