16 Dogs Cuddling & Kissing Their BFFs

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Dogs are known for being so wonderfully affectionate. They don't only love their humans, though, they love each other too! Enjoy these kissy photos to brighten your day.

1. Cuddling feels so good.

2. Kisses for luck!

3. Hey, wanna boop my nose?

4. Let's cuddle!

5. If I boop you, you gotta boop me back.

6. Hey! Give me attention!

7. I thought I saw mistletoe. Just kidding, it's not Christmas.

8. A big, sloppy kiss to the cheek.

9. Always nice to be greeted with a boop.

10. Love ya!

11. Goodbye, friend! See you again soon!

12. Just wanna show you how much I missed you.

13. Bye, I'll call you later!

14. Puppies give the best kisses.

15. Boop me if you can.

16. Cold noses, warm hearts.


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