18 Perfectly Baked Cat Buns

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These kitties know how to get cozy. Just curl up in a ball and let your cares go.

1. A purrfect circle.

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2. Watchful bun.

3. Mini bun!

4. Bonus toe beans.

5. Two croissants: one plain, one toasted.

6. Void bun.

7. Shoulder bun.

8. Multi-tiered buns.

9. Cinnamon bun.

10. Fuzzy iced bun.

11. Synchronized bunning.

12. Rising nicely.

13. Truly a delicious looking bun.

14. Sink bun.

15. Mama bun and baby bun.

16. Appreciative bun.

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17. Snow bun.

18. Fresh from the oven bun.