17 Animals And Their Adopted Babies

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You don't have to be related by blood to be family. The animal world has told us this in a number of different and adorable ways.

1. "My dog likes to lick all our baby bunnies one by one and pretend she is their real mom"

2. "They might not have feathers, but I love them anyway."

3. The morning tongue bath transcends species.

4. "Mommm! Stop! I'm fiiiiine!"

5. "Get back here, kid!"

6. This dog took over nursing (and giving piggyback rides) to these baby opossums when their mom was killed.

7. "Please stop trying to help, human. I've got this under control."

8. Chunks, a 14-year-old Sphynx cat, hatched an egg after incubating it for fifty days.

Here's Chunks meeting the Egg for the first time after hatching.

Egg is all grown up now, but he and Chunks still like to cuddle together.

9. Molly, the beagle, adopted this abandoned possum after losing her own litter.

10. A true mother goose.

According to a Reddit user, "This goose used her wings to protect an abandoned puppy from the cold. The puppy was shivering so she folded her wings around this baby & moved him closer to her so he could benefit from her body warmth. Puppy stopped shivering & went to sleep."


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11. Drake (the dog) adopted Jerry (the lamb) after Jerry's mom refused to feed him.

12. You've played Duck, Duck, Goose, but have you played Goose, Goose, Goose, Goose, Goose, Duck, Goose?

13. Torque (the dog) and his daughter Shrek (the owl) might not be birds of a feather, but they still flocked together.

14. Some ducks imprint on ducks. Some ducks imprint on corgis. What're you gonna do?

15. She has a very egalitarian attitude towards child rearing.

16. Tinkerbelle adopted Pink the piglet when he was the size of her puppies. Now he's 250 pounds. Nice work, Tink!

17. The more the merrier, right?


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