17 Ridiculously Funny Pet Pictures That Had The Internet in Stitches

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Because LOLs are the only thing social media should be used for.

1. [This is] Life with a baby and two dogs (we have a cat too but he wasn’t around for this particular incident). Our black lab mix is only 6 months old so he is still learning what is and isn’t a toy and 100% instigated. 😂

Canine chaos at its best.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "The moment my cat discovered sushi."

Hard same, kitty, hard same.

3. "Look at my babies admiring each other through the glass today, they are inseparable!"

Just open the door already.


4. "When you're at a restaurant and someone who ordered food after you, gets theirs first."

That whole 'patience is a virtue' thing is suspended the moment I walk in a restaurant.


5. "Silly black cat void names? My kids each got to pick a name, so here’s Jellybean Dump Truck."

Children: totally unfiltered since the beginning of time.



6. "My sister’s dog Abby decided to take a shortcut through a puddle. 😂"

Regret counter currently set to: Zero.


7. "My sister painted her cat today"

(No, not like THAT. Stop reading things so literally!)

8. "He dun look as happy as package doggo 🥺❤️🐾"

False advertising.


9. "This is Oscar. He’s fabulous and he knows it....(wind speed: zero)"

Every day is good hair day with a coat like that.



10. "Fast as heck boi"

He overheard someone say pspspsps.

11. "I am the darkness and this is my assistant, Pebbles"

Obligatory ​The Office​ reference: Assistant (to the) Darkness Manager.

12. "My tort regularly brings me trash?"

She has a giff fuh yeew, mmomma.

13. "It’s normal for cats to have two heads, right? 🤔🤔"

One of them never lies. The other never tells the truth. By asking only a single question can you determine who knocked the glass off the counter?


14. "Adopt a black cat," they said. 'It'll be fun,' they said."

Such grace and poise.

15. "Further proof that cats can sleep through anything."

Cue the copy cat jokes!

16. "This is Dustbunny (The Boss), she is NOT impressed we brought home a kitten we found in the trash"

You should have left it where you found it, ok?

17. "Introduced Nova to the neighbour’s cat today. She was unsure but very brave 🥺 Astrid is very friendly and they will be the best of friends once Nova is chipped and spayed 🖤"

This is the meme material I live for.


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