18 Cats Being Adorable Little Weirdos

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Cats are renowned for their grace, beauty, and hunting prowess. But we like them just as much (maybe more) when they're acting like goofballs.

1. "He's just standing there… menacingly."

2. "Whenever we turn a fan or air filter on our little girl goes and sits right in front of it and makes her 'fan face.'"

3. "So my cat just sits on the couch like this now."

4. "My cat likes to sleep in a perfectly straight line."

5. Cat as an iron skillet.

6. "Gave up after 20 minutes of trying to weigh him on the take-home scale. I came back to find him lounging like this."

7. Monday morning vibes.

8. "She is pouting because I won't let her stay outside."

9. "Meet Pete. This is him asleep. Pete is not photogenic."

10. "She always prefers to sit with her front feet pointed away from each other."

11. "When I forget to shut the bedroom door she brings socks into the living room while I’m at work. Yes, they are in pairs."

12. "I think I might've done something wrong because apparently, my Cat wants me to sit down and have a talk with him."

13. "He actively chooses to lay like this."

14. "He is an idiot. She is photobombing."

15. "He's just... abnormally long. Why is he so long."

16. "Whenever I'm in the kitchen, Magnus sits and stares at me until I make him a foil ball."

17. "Why is my cat flexing on me?"

18. "Morning meditation."


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