Warm Your Heart With These 15 Adorable Pet Pics

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Cold weather got you down? Warm up your insides with these darling cats and dogs. For your outsides, we recommend mittens.

1. This is Teddy. Teddy does not like to get wet.

2. "If you've ever wondered what's at the end of a rainbow, I think we found it... 🌈 🐶 🐶"

3. "Whatcha doing over there?"

4. A perfect picture from the one time they weren't running around.

5. "This guy walked past us today with only one thing on his mind."

6. "Monochromatic 🤍 Who is your favorite pillow? ☁️"

7. Looks like sibling rivalry isn't just for humans.

8. By the time the smell hits you, you're in too deep.

9. "She crawled out of her bed after a nap and just sat there staring at me like this."

10. "The Purrfect Couple"

11. "Maggie was so excited about the slide at the park that her tongue couldn’t stay in her mouth."

12. "He is strange…(Also, look at those little teefs 🥺)"

13. Shopping is exhausting (especially when you've got little legs).

14. "We have extremely judgmental security outside our Bathroom."


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