Cuteness Interviews Manny the Frenchie

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If you're an animal lover with an Instagram account, chances are you're already acquainted with Manny the Frenchie—a cute canine from Chicago who's as philanthropic (phil-dog-thropic?) as he is photogenic. If you're not familiar with Manny, a quick perusal of his pictures will reveal that he's a celebri-dog with very particular tastes, specifically: sleeping in sinks, wearing hoodies, cheering on (and apparently bringing good luck to!) the Chicago Bulls, donning cute costumes, and—last but not least—doing his part to help out other animals in need.This famous Frenchie tours the nation raising awareness for various charitable organizations, and his deeds have been featured on NBC Sports TV and the Huff Po among many other news and media outlets.

We at Cuteness recently had the chance to ask Manny a few questions about the allure of porcelain sinks, his obscure native tongue known as "Frenchie," and how we can all do our part to give back to the animal community.


We're so excited that you've taken the time to talk to us, Manny! First things first—why do you love sleeping inside of sinks so much? They must be comfier than they look!

Sinks are the best! They're very comfortable to me because I like small spaces. If there's not a sink readily available, under an ottoman, table or chair will do just fine.


You're famously named after boxer Manny Pacquiao, but have you ever met your namesake? And, if not, what do you think you'd say to him if you did?

I actually haven't had the opportunity to meet him yet, but I hope to one day! I'd probably be so starstruck to say anything and just nervously lick his face. I hope he likes Frenchie kisses!


We've seen lots of videos of you speaking "Frenchie"—a language that you're impressively very fluent in. It made us wonder—can only French Bulldogs speak Frenchie? Have you taught your humans to speak it as well?

I am quite fluent in "Frenchie talk", but my humans still haven't grasped the language. It must only be a French Bulldog thing then. Although, I have recently started to teach my brothers how to "talk" and it's not going very well. Frank only seems to know how to snort, Filip simply barks, and Liam whines like a tiny dinosaur.


We also know that you're a huge sports fan. Aside from your hometown heroes the Chicago Bulls, what are some of your favorite teams? Are you pretty good at any sports yourself?

I like the Pittsburgh Penguins because penguins are cool. Get it, penguins are cool?! Haha! I like to play soccer with ice cubes around the house. I'm also pretty good at poking holes in any ball I get my tiny teeth into. So yeah, I'd say I'm pretty awesome at sports.


One reason it's so fun to follow you on Instagram is that you're always modeling a cool new outfit or costume. Do you have any favorites? We, personally, are huge fans of the shark suit and your lion mane!

Those two actually are my favorites! I feel so tough when I wear those. I also love to wear hoodies and comfy t-shirts. I'm known to dress it up sometimes if the mood strikes and I throw on my polka dot bow tie collar.


There are also a few pictures of you chilling with your headphones on. What music are you listening to at the moment?

Snoop Dogg is always in my rotation of course and I'm also helping produce DJ Thomas Jack's next album so I'm listening to his music a lot.


Finally, you're amazing not only because you're pretty darned adorable, but because you're always doing so much to raise awareness about other Frenchies in need of homes. We love that you were able to help donate a brand new Dodge Caravan to Chicago French Bulldog Rescue earlier this year! What are some things that the rest of us can do to help your favorite cause?

I LOVE to give back! We were so lucky to be able to do that for CFBR. I'd suggest starting locally and find a shelter or rescue in your community that needs help. Become monthly donors to several local and national charities, even if it's a few dollars. Every little bit helps! I'm currently on a US city tour that supports a local charity in each city and we're having a blast doing it! You can find some of the charities we're involved with on our website.


Visit Manny online at: The Manny & Friends's website Manny's Facebook Page