17 Dogs Who Love Their UPS Driver

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The friendly local UPS delivery driver comes bearing treats and packages. No wonder tails start wagging when that big brown truck comes up the street.

1. If you forget to bring treats, you become the treat!

2. He must smell like all kinds of interesting.

3. They have the driver well trained.

4. Twinsies

5. Rain or shine, this dog knows when it's biscuit time.

6. Hugs!

7. You can't say no to a little cuddle with this big beast.

9. The UPS guy and his loyal fan club.

10. "Give me the biscuit and be on your way."

11. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

12. "I haf a thtick for you."

13. "Where to next, boss?"

14. Hope the driver brought 101 biscuits.

15. Kisses!

16. Time for a quick game?

17. No one shows love like a dog.


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