15 Pumpkintastic Pets at Pumpkin Patches

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Halloween is almost here, and these pets are absolutely dominating the pumpkin patch scene.

1. King of the mountain!!!

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2. "I don't always go to pumpkin patches, but when I do...I look extremely cool."

3. This little corgi is almost camouflaged!

4. Could there BE a more perfect Halloween image??

5. "You found me!"

6. I would like you all to know that this fashionable doggo's name is "Coco Puffz".

7. I love a cat that dresses on theme, don't you?

8. Oh just a blind cat having the time of its life at a pumpkin patch I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING.

9. Peekaboo, I see you...looking ADORABLE.

10. Shoutin' for joy at the patch!

11. "Trick or treat, smell my paw, give me something good to gnaw! No chocolate, though, please."

12. "Can, you, believe, allthesepumpkins?!?!?!"

13. Contemplating life on a hay bale, as you do.

14. Furry eyes, clear hearts, can't lose.

15. Do you think anyone would mind if I "accidentally" took this little one home instead of a pumpkin? An honest mistake...