15 Pumpkintastic Pets at Pumpkin Patches for When You're Dreaming About Halloween

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You know the saying: it's Halloween somewhere! Enjoy these cats and dogs who are already ready to ring in the fall season.

1. Princess of the pumpkin mountain!

2. This little Corgi is almost camouflaged!

3. Could there BE a more perfect Halloween image??

4. You found me!

5. I'm getting some great decor ideas!

6. We love a cat that dresses on theme.

7. A Fall outing in style!

8. I see you...looking adorable with these pumpkins!

9. "This pumpkin and I are meant to be."

10. Pumpkin patch pose!

11. TFW you're having anxiety about having to choose just one

12. Contemplating life surrounded by pumpkins

13. I don't always go to pumpkin patches, but when I do...I look extremely cool.

14. It sure is great to find small ones.

15. So happy it's pumpkin season again!


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