Just 29 Dogs With Their Tongues Out

Just like dogs, bleps come in many forms and many sizes.

From sites like BuzzFeed to a subreddit devoted solely to the phenomena to any number of wildly popular Instagram hashtags like #tonguesouttuesday, bleps are big on the internets today.


And while it is by no means 100 percent exhaustive, the gallery below identifies some of the more common — and exotic — tongue bleps you might encounter as you navigate the web.

Though some hold to a stricter definition of what constitutes a blep, we're applying it a measure more broadly (don't @ me).

1. The beach blep

2. The pillow blep

3. The pug life blep

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4. The blanket blep

5. The puppy blep

6. The Shibe in a tent blep

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7. The steal a kiss when they aren't ready blep

8. The I'm-on-a-boat blep

9. The boxer blep

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10. The sun's out, tongue's out blep

11. The bottle blep

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12. The cone of shame blep

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13. The keeping it lowkey chill blep

14. The bow tie blep

15. The Gene Simmons cow tongue blep

16. The puppuccino blep

17. The dog is my copilot blep

18. The Boston blep

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19. The do me an excited blep

20. The head tilt blep

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21. The art imitating life blep

22. The double dog dare blep

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23. The dead tired downward dog blep

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24. The resting derpy face blep

25. The peanut butter blep

26. The you-spilled-something-let-me-get-it-for-you blep

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27. The backseat driver blep

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28. The bathtime blep

29. And, finally, the rarest of bleps: The interspecies cat and dog blep

(No, seriously, it took me two full hours to find even a single photograph of a cat and dog blepping in unison. Conspiracy or nah?)

Is your dog a blepper? Tell us about it in the comment section below!