15 Dogs Who Are On Their Way To Steal Your Girl

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Ladies, picture your perfect date. He's handsome. He's smart. He's charming. He's the best snuggle buddy in the world. Are you picturing an adorable dog too? Of course you are! Who needs a boring human when you can have the company of an adorable doggo? That's right, a perfect dog is also the perfect Mr. Steal Your Girl!



Video of the Day


3. "On my way to steal your girl!"

4. This pug brought a balloon, because girls love balloons!

5. Respect the game.

6. Those eys, tho.

7. Bird dogging your girl.

8. "Swinging into your girl's heart!"

9. "I'm sleepy, but I'll still steal your girl."

10. This dog just left with your girl, bro.

11. "Got your girl!"

12. Patiently waiting to steal your girl.

13. Possibly the only acceptable man bun EVER!

14. #FACTS

15. "And...stolen."