15 Wholesome Snaps About Silly Dogs To Share With Your Mom

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These 15 Snaps about dogs, puppers, and very good boys will never not funny.

1. "I REGRET NOTHING" — this Shibe

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2. When the arguments at Thanksgiving get a little TOO real.

3. 😂 😂 😂

4. Because you don't need sunglasses to throw shade.

5. "I'll keep you safe from the hot lava floor." — this nice human

6. What did we do to deserve dogs?

7. This is the most pure thing in the history of pure things.

8. Look at this masterpiece.

9. Cutest. Fail. Ever.


11. "I'll never be able to trust you again!" — this woofer

12. Love is a battlefield.

13. We see what you did there.


15. Life finds a way.

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