This Dog In A Bag Was About To Be Dinner, But Then The Best Thing Happened

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A Singapore man stationed in China for his job was looking for dinner one night when a gruesome discovery killed his appetite — and ate at his conscience.


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Winding his way through an alley, he came upon a group of people buying, selling, and trading live dogs — bound tightly in plastic bags — that were to be slaughtered for meat, as if they were just another market commodity.

While the man's apartment didn't permit pets, he couldn't leave without doing something.


So he took the cash he had on hand — about $90 — and purchased one of the trapped pups.

In an interview with The Dodo, the man's daughter, Xingyi Danielle, explained that "his environment isn't dog-friendly so he couldn't buy more... but [he] at least got to save one."


The lucky dog, who has since been renamed Doggo (in Cantonese), is currently living in the man's office, where he is adjusting to a life free of fear.

Despite the trauma he endured, Danielle reports that Doggo is healthy and has made a quick and stunning transformation (as evidenced by the improved condition of his previously matted coat).

She credits her dad, who has been spoiling the woofer with a steady diet of hor fun noodles and chicken wings.


But Doggo's newfound freedom isn't entirely without cost: According to the man's coworkers, this very good boy has been busy exploring his current space and making the occasional workplace mess. 😂

The family is hopeful that the mutt will be re-homed somewhere more permanent soon, and we'll update our story when they do.

For more on what you can do to stop the sale and trade of dog meat, sign this pledge organized by the Humane Society International.