Episode 14: This Is How Your Pet Chooses Their Favorite Music

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Does your dog start howling whenever Beyonce is on the track, or whenever you mindlessly sing an '80s jam that is just stuck in your head? It turns out, that, like humans, our pooches are quite musical too. And because you're her best friend, certain tones and rhythms trigger your dog's need to communicate with you.


Our hard-rocking hosts with the mosts, Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo, take you on a backstage tour into why your dog howls and how you can get her a record contract!

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Also, we look at the types of sounds your doggie loves to hear the most. It turns out, according to some very serious research from Scottish indie rockers, that your dog freaking loves reggae.

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So turn the lights down low, and get ready for a soul shakedown party with the Cuteness Pawdcast! And if you like what you hear — rate and review us and then check out our last episode which is an A-Z guide to family dogs.

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