21 Photos That Animals Do Not Want You To See

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If you've ever suffered the all-to-public embarrassment of being stuck in a chair or tripping up stairs, then these animals who are stuck in compromising situations can 100% relate.

1. The cow jumped over the m ... nothing. The cow jumped over nothing.

2. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

3. This was Max's punishment for stealing all of mom's hair ties.

4. Who can resist dumplings?

5. When you're caught trying on old Halloween costumes in July.

6. When you're practicing your sweet moves in the backyard, and the cute boy next door sees you.

7. Sshh! Don't tell anyone but big tough lions love butterfly kisses.

8. When your mom is gone, so your dad dresses you for church.

9. When you hate Christmas but have to pose for family photos anyway.

She's more of a Halloween kitty.


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10. "If it fits. I sits. If it doesn't fit, I'll stick my head in it and cry until Mom rescues me."



11. The other kittens laugh at him and call him "Four Eyes."

He'll show them when he sells his startup for millions.


12. When your sister and her friends are all, "come here."

13. Kitty is not amused by your arts and crafts.

14. "Srsly, I can't do anything private in this house."

15. How does such a thing even happen 😂

16. Can't knock the hustle.

17. We herd you were having some trouble.

18. "Yeah, it won't be so funny when I poop in your shoes"

19. "Aw sheeeeit. You saw that?!"

20. "I can make it I can make I can ma---"

21. This is an awkward mewment.

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