15 Hilarious Pet Action Shots

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These undignified pets may not be photo ready, but they sure are adorable anyway.

1. Have you ever seen such a graceful ballerina?

2. When trying to catch something mid-air, it helps to open your mouth and scream.


4. She's beauty, she's grace, she's coming to lick your face.

5. When it's time to take a nice family photo but your brother can't sit still

6. Moments before war was declared

7. When you catch someone mid sneeze, it's called a "sneeze frame"

8. Actual footage from the world's first two-dog juggling act

9. "I swear the fish was THIS BIG!"

10. When you realize you accidentally brought home the zero gravity model

11. "Don't mind me, just working hard to protect our family from evil sheep."

12. Sometimes the zoomies hit so good your lips just go "pbblbptlt"

13. Om nom nom nom

14. If there's a spill, never fear - the flying mop is here!

15. When you're this small, jumping a couple of inches off the ground is a HUGE deal.


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