21 Animal Parents Who Are Just Doing Their Best, Okay

No one said having kids would be easy. Rewarding? Yes. Easy? No way.

1. If she wasn't before, she is now.

Husky puppy climbing on adult Husky. Caption: Mama! Mama! Mama! You awake?!
credit: Imgur

2. "Yes, they're all mine. Why do you ask?"

3. Contemplating the cost of obedience school tuition.

Corgi lying on back of armchair, looking down at seat full of her puppies.
credit: Reddit

4. This is life meow.

Animal Parents Who Are Just Doing Their Best
credit: Hamusoku

5. "OK, little guy. Settle down now."

6. The art of grooming does not come naturally to all kittens.

7. "Mom! Mom! Look at me! Mom! Mom!"

Polar bear cub lying on adult polar bear's arms.
credit: Reddit

8. Full of secrets.

9. Please go to sleep now. Please.

10. "Are we there yet?"

Lion cub pouncing on lioness's face.
credit: Reddit

11. Become a dad, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

12. Maybe you're a runt.

Golden retriever with newborn pups. Caption: Don't you call him a runt! He's just a little... little.
credit: Reddit

13. Her children are strange and long, but they will grow up strong and impeccably groomed.

14. She can't remember where her fluff ends and theirs begins.

Adult Chow Chow nursing Chow Chow puppies.
credit: Reddit

15. "Stick with me, kid. I'll show you the ropes."

A Siamese kitten imitating an adult Siamese cat.
credit: Imgur

16. Just practicing!

17. Sea dog and sea puppy

Seal underwater with seal pup looking over her head.
credit: Reddit

18. "Dad, gimme the ball. Come on, dad! Daaaad!"

19. They're going to regret the day they crossed us, buddy.

Dog with puppy. Caption: Show me where the bullies are.
credit: Buzzfeed

20. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.

Animal Parents Who Are Just Doing Their Best
credit: Reddit