15 Funny Cat Photos That You Should Save to Your Phone Right Now

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BRB, deleting pics of my family to free up more space.

1. "My cat came downstairs to find the new puppy in his spot on top of the couch"

The audacity.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "Bought my nephew a bike and Sheldon has claimed it. He is practicing his go faster face… 😂"

Quick, someone open this cat a Strava account.


3. "Ollie found this to be a more suitable exam table. Thanks Dr. Boone!"

The medical purr-fesion requires creative problem-solving from time to time.


4. “AND I’d do it again too!” BAP BAP!"

I'm sure it was entirely justified.


5. "Never turn your back on an orange."

He spotted the cell.



6. [Saruman unveils the Palantír. It is a perfectly spherical ball, made of some sort of string, with strange swirls in its depths.]

Would watch LOTR remade with cats. Who's with me?


7. "May I help u?"

No solicitors.


8. "Her eyes were the color of a pickle chip bag"

Look, someone has to rotate the stock.


9. "The perfect juxtaposition doesn't exis---"

Why Photoshop when you can do real life?


10. "Earcraft M4NK4 announcing departure"

That flight will not be a smooth one. Severe turbulence is expected. Seatbelts on.

11. "He thinks pillowcases are really cat sleeping bags."

Hims not wrong.

12. "I don't always make a noise but when i do it's in the middle of the night for no reason"

Stay interesting, my friends.

13. "POV: When your pet is actually Bill the Cat IRL"

Beauty and grace all in one photo.


14. "Buddy the feral cat who found his way into our house and hearts! ♥️ I think he’s pretty happy too!"

Fetch my slippers, peasant.

15. "Picked Jeffery up from his trouble floof removal. Didn’t get a collar so I MacGyvered it with the next best thing I had on hand: coffee filters (LOL)."

Now, this is an accidental Renaissance painting. 🤣


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