19 Dogs Who Are Probably in Big Trouble

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We don't want to say these dogs are in big trouble, but...they're probably in big trouble. Please don't judge—it's not easy resisting toilet paper, stuffed toys, soft beds, pillows, cardboard boxes, pieces of wood, credit cards, potted plants, et cetera, et cetera!


1. This guy KNOWS he did wrong. Look at those eyes!

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2. "I was just trying to smell it, I swear!"

3. "Oh, was that important or something?"

4. When the attackee attacks you back!

5. "You may not agree, but toilet paper is delicious."

6. Not many can boast a commemorative plaque of troublemaking.

7. "What? Did I do something untoward?"

8. "Getting dirty is fun, human."

9. If they can't find you, they can't punish you.

10. "You mean the pillow stuffing is supposed to stay INSIDE the pillow?"

11. Caught red handed.

12. When you hope making puppy dog eyes will get you off.

13. "This toilet paper is my cape now."

14. Partners in crime.

15. Tried to get the toilet paper off the roll. Failed.

16. "I just wanted to learn to knit."

17. The beds were overstuffed, actually.

18. "You mean this toy wasn't for me???"

19. "It's not my fault cardboard is so chewy."

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