Photog Coaxes Kitties Into Silly Kung Fu Poses With One Simple Trick

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"Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me? En garde, I'll let you try my Wu-Tang style."

Everybody, as the '70s disco banger goes, was kung-fu fighting.

And cats apparently are no exception to the trend — if a ridiculous photo collection and Instagram account curated by Japanese photog Hisakata Hiroyuki are to be believed.


Video of the Day

While the concept is admittedly ridiculous and whimsical, rest assured no kittos were harmed to capture these glorious snaps.

As the viral bloggers at Laughing Squid note, the kicking kittens were coaxed into frame with nothing more than string draped from a toy fishing rod, making the whole thing less kung fu and mohr kung fun.


Embedded below: A sampling of the funniest shots from Hiroyuki's body of work, all of which capture the grace and power of these fab felines.

"You should have seen the fish that got away. It was ~this~ big!"

"Tai chi is my favorite type of self-care."

"T minus 10 seconds to liftoff."

"Live to dance, dance to live." — this cat's motto

"I can haz levitate?"