19 Pets Delivering The LOLs You Need

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Laughs can be hard to come by these days. But these pets are here for you.

1. "Back off. This bag is not for sale."

2. Kitten sleeping peacefully in a jar. (That's it, that's the caption.)

3. File under: Images you can hear.

4. Live your life like the floor is always lava.

5. Too real SMDH

6. "This a dumb game. You don't throw the ball or the stick?"

7. "Tower, this is Top Gun Cat requesting a flyby."

Thank you for your purrvice.

8. "As I stared into the void, it stared back into me"

9. "Day 3 of quarantine and my roommate is already getting a little stir-crazy."

10. "When the neighbor in the unit across the hall cracks a can of tuna."

11. "He drank water from the lasagna pan soaking in the sink so now we have 2 orange cats 🤦"

12. "If glares could kill."

To be quite frank, if my name was Larry Hotdogs I too would have a fancy nameplate.

14. "Louis was a little shy at first, but after some coaching, he really did an amazing version of the Whitney Houston classic..... 'And iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-eee-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always loveeee foooooooo-ooo-oooooodddd' (and dis bed) 🛌 🥣"

15. "Himb do a big stretch 🧡"

16. "The keeper of the BBQ chips."

17. "Pepper has lost her favorite sleeping spot. Her face says it all."

18. "Pilot Pork Chop would like everyone to know she is a ferocious beast of the jungle and has plenty of self-respect, thank you. That said, the flight has been canceled due to requiring SNÜGGLÉS."

19. When you must maintain situational awareness 24-7-365 because your kitteh is capable of sneaks.


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