18 Wholesome Pet Pics That Will Make You Feel All The Things

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Bookmark these for the next time you need a timeline cleanse.

1. "Oh to think I was worried about adopting a new cat because I didn’t know what my other cat would think, and now this is my view every morning 🥺 🥺 🥺"

2. "This is Ruckus. His humans don’t have kids, so they take him to see the lights every year. He absolutely loves it. 14/10"

3. "I took my cat to all my errands today and I think that’s just how I’m going to live my life from now on 😂 crazy cat lady final form"

4. "Made her a bridge to the window she always stared at but could never reach."

5. "Don't be afraid to chase your dreams"

6. "If this is Photoshopped, I don't want to know"

7. "Yesterday was my birthday and one of my wonderful friends surprised me with a kitty that was found as a stray and needed a home ❤️ this is Bean! 🥰 she’s very sweet and cuddly."

8. "I told my orange floof that we may have to give our foster kid back someday and this is the reaction he had… so looks like I have my first foster fail! 💓🐈"

9. "Unpacking at the new house, and caught this snapshot of my dad (who doesn't like cats) rocking his grand-cat in the rocking chair bc she was stressing about the move. ❤😂"

10. "We're shopping for his favorite toys at Chewy"

11. "Oliver is unsure of what to do with his first time under the tree"

12. "The faces my cats made when I told them there won't be a Second Breakfast"

Reminder: Not all pets enjoy wearing human clothes. If yours is one of them, don't force the issue.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

13. "At the vet for the first time and he's doin' a BIG CONCERN"

Don't worry buddy, you got this!

14. "Oh this old thing?"


16. “Are you mocking me hooman?”

17. "Wife and I got a bus for our dog business!"

18. "What is the opposite of wholesome? Asking for this cat who loves taking thirst traps."