Dog Pushing Snow Blower Is Living In The Year 3018

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Sure, your dog can roll over or sit on command. Maybe they can even give high-fives or fetch the daily newspaper from the front yard.


But you've never seen a pup with a skillset like Morgan, a 125-pound purebred Newfoundland that lives in the Shuswap region of British Columbia. That's because the Canadian grand champion and registered therapy dog isn't even from this timeline.

No, Miss Goo (the nickname bestowed upon her by her humans), comes from the future.

What else can explain her varied talents, which according to YouTube, include pushing a snow blower on her hind legs ...

... collecting firewood (cue the Branch Manager jokes) ...

... and retrieving beer & snacks from the fridge — and then thoughtfully closing the door behind her.

With help from some smol subwoofers, she can even mobile DJ your next party.

In an interview with CBC News, Morgan's people, the Edwards family, explained that with a bit of training, the handy woofer quickly learned to do everything from roasting hot dogs to vacuuming the kitchen floor.


As for the snow blower, "it took about a month, a couple times a week. The vibration didn't bother her or the noise. Now she can go up to 60 feet and enjoys doing it."

"She's good with the fluffy snow, but if it's a little wet then it's pretty hard for her," they continued.

Not surprisingly, that has made this good girl very much in demand on the job market: "Everybody wants to hire her!"

For more on Miss Goo, visit her YouTube channel.