17 Awkward Pets Who Are You At A Party

Not all of us are extroverts, and that's okay! Wallflower power!

1. When you don't know anyone at the party.

2. When you're trying to figure out how to join the conversation.

Dog poking its head through ajar door.
credit: Reddit

3. Shy bird is still curious.

Bird in shelter cage peeking out from behind sign.
credit: Reddit

4. The drum kit is going to be out of commission for a little while.

Kittens hiding inside kick drum.
credit: Reddit

5. "Oh jeez, I thought I found the perfect hiding spot."

Puppy hiding behind potted plant.
credit: Reddit

6. "Am not kitten, am couch."

Kitten hiding behind couch cushions.
credit: Reddit

7. When you're shy, but you see your crush coming towards you.

8. Expert camouflage.

Giraffe standing behind thin tree.
credit: Reddit

9. First day of doggy day care.

Puppy hiding between person's legs.
credit: Reddit

10. "Me? Cute? Aww, shucks."

11. If you can't see them, they can't see you, right?

Kitten hiding its face behind table leg.
credit: Reddit

12. Trying to find the best hiding spot.

13. So smol floofs!

14. "No, you go talk to them."

Fox kit hiding behind other fox kit.
credit: Flickr

15. "Why do they want my picture?"

Seal pup hiding under big log.
credit: Imgur

16. "My fluffs will conceal me!"

Fluffy white cat concealing its face behind its tail.
credit: Reddit

17. When you're shy, but you also smell bacon.

Puppy on staircase, hiding behind baluster.
credit: Reddit