16 Cats And Dogs Who Are The Lion King

The Lion King is a very good movie, and not just for cats. Dogs like The Lion King, too.

1. The Lion King, but for catching bugs.

2. This Lion King surveying his beautiful kingdom.

Cat at sunset
credit: sheilabarton

3. Very good reenactment, cats.

Cats wresting
credit: joeblad

4. Ooh, here's another good one ...

Kittens playing
credit: AK907girl

5. This Lion King is growing up!

6. Majestic Lion King.

7. Here is a good Lion King.

8. Here is a bored Lion King.

Cat not enthused about playing The Lion King
credit: nicholascoyne

9. Here is a confused Lion King.

Guy holding up kitten like Simba in The Lion King
credit: bruntoss

10. Aww, he's getting too big to be The Lion King.

Dog who still likes to get held like a puppy
credit: nejinala

11. This dramatic scene:

12. Another good reenactment of this very dramatic scene:

Cats wrestling
credit: superpt

13. Here is a really good Lion King.

14. Pretty good.

Guy holding up his cat like Simba in The Lion King
credit: claff319

15. He is taking notes on being The Lion King.

16. Here is the best Lion King. And he's a dog.

Guy holding up his dog like The Lion King on a cliff, against a blue sky.
credit: es2pido