17 Pets You Shouldn't Invite To Your Wedding

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It's your special day. Don't invite these pets.

1. This cat is totally starting drama with your cousin.

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2. This dog accidentally ate your cake. It was an accident.

3. You'll want to remember this special day forever. Here's a cat's butt.

4. You should have known better, really.

5. And that's what you get for wearing a cat toy on your head.

5. Ah, the ceremonial peeing on the bride. This is good luck in some families.

6. Just a quick snooze ...

7. Weddings are very romantic.

8. Crashing the first dance is bad form, dude.

9. The ceremonial chomping of the wedding topper ....

10. "That's my mom! You can't have her!"

Someone's feeling a little jealous.


11. Priceless.

12. He was being a good boy until the dancing started.

13. "I'm tired now. Carry me mom."

14. Just a little nibble ...

"I was just testing it for you."


15. "I can't believe she's wearing white and trying to upstage me."

16. "Hellllooo, it is I, the center of attention!"

"Hand me the microphone, I will sing now!"


17. Of course he had to show up to your wedding with a green mo-hawk.