17 Funny Photos Of Pets That Will Wash Your Heart With Laughter

Pets are so weird, you guys.

1. "Hello, I'll take a tuna sandwich and a milkshake."

Cat standing up at drive thru window
credit: Pleated Jeans

"And I will be paying with catnip mousies. I assume that is not a problem."

2. Well, it's better than a tampon.

Cat with a used tea bag
credit: Reddit

3. Just a cat messing around with the occult. No big deal.

Sphinx cat
credit: Snap361


4. The face of betrayal.

Betrayed cat at vet
credit: Reddit

5. She's been spending a lot of time in her safe space lately.

Cat hiding under plastic container and it has eye holes
credit: Imgur

Me too, cat.

6. "Excuse me, this is my stop ..."

Dog on the subway wearing a sweater and glasses
credit: pikabu.ru

7. I found him.

Dog sitting next to a sign about a lost dog that is him
credit: Reddit

8. When you're 30 and still live at home:

Adult cat nursing
credit: juyouqu.com

9. TFW you have just ordered pizza.

10. This is why my banana bread is so good.

Puppy asleep on a banana
credit: kfed.net

Free range puppies sleep on my organic bananas.

11. Just a cat taking his rightful place upon the baby.

Dad feeding baby also there is a cat sitting on the baby
credit: Pleated Jeans

12. Is this a yorkie or a gremlin.

Yorkie in a Levi jacket with a lot of liquor bottles and he is smiling
credit: The Chive

13. "A horse is a bed, of course of course."

Cat asleep on a horse
credit: Reddit

"And who better to sleep on a horse of course ..."

14. "Planted 14 bones in this field. Just waitin' for the harvest to come in."

Dog in a jacket
credit: Pleated Jeans

"Peed on 'em too."

15. Relax dude. The cat is obviously just trying to get dinner.

16. "Oh, hello."

Cat in blinds
credit: Imgur

17. "They said I couldn't do it."

Fat cat jumping in a tree
credit: andpop.com

"And I'm not entirely sure that I can do it. Little help, please?"