17 Funny Photos Of Pets That Will Wash Your Heart With Laughter

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Pets are so weird, you guys.

1. "Hello, I'll take a tuna sandwich and a milkshake."

"And I will be paying with catnip mousies. I assume that is not a problem."

2. Well, it's better than a tampon.

3. Just a cat messing around with the occult. No big deal.


4. The face of betrayal.

5. She's been spending a lot of time in her safe space lately.

Me too, cat.

6. "Excuse me, this is my stop ..."

7. I found him.

8. When you're 30 and still live at home:

9. TFW you have just ordered pizza.

10. This is why my banana bread is so good.

Free range puppies sleep on my organic bananas.

11. Just a cat taking his rightful place upon the baby.

12. Is this a yorkie or a gremlin.

13. "A horse is a bed, of course of course."

"And who better to sleep on a horse of course ..."

14. "Planted 14 bones in this field. Just waitin' for the harvest to come in."

"Peed on 'em too."

15. Relax dude. The cat is obviously just trying to get dinner.

16. "Oh, hello."

17. "They said I couldn't do it."

"And I'm not entirely sure that I can do it. Little help, please?"