18 Photos That Prove Dogs Are The Purest Thing Ever

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While their humans complain that it's too hot to do anything, these dogs know what summer is really about.

1. Hitting the pool with the bros.

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2. Chilling on the dock with a refreshing beverage.

3. Finding the perfect summer hang out spot.

4. All summers should feel the way this photo looks.

5. Maybe just leave town and hit the tropics.

6. Accessorized and ready to rock!

7. Observe the master relaxer at work.

8. "My water bowl is all the way over there. This is fine."

9. Looking for a fun summer prank?

10. Watermelon eating contest! Yes!

11. This pupper is going to have to up her game if she wants to compete against the big dogs.


13. So chill. The chillest.

14. Celebrate summer crops!

15. "Come, friend! We must dig the water!"

16. Give your lawn some extra attention.

17. There's much fun to be had in the shallow end.

18. And if all else fails, at least there's air conditioning.